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Art is the heart’s explosion on the world. Music. Dance. Poetry. Art on cars, on walls, on our skins. There is probably no more powerful force for change in this uncertain and crisis-ridden world than young people and their art. It is the consciousness of the world breaking away from the strangle grip of an archaic social order. - Louis Rodriguez

Art is a powerful tool for social change. We can change the world through murals, comics, paintings, music, dance, poetry, stories, sculpture, photography, and other forms of creative expression. The CCC is a place for sharing and dialoguing about social issues through art. We support local artists by showcasing the work of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and San Diego community members. We create a venue for these artists to show their work, particularly those working around themes of culture and social justice issues. We are always looking for artists to showcase.

How to Showcase Your Art

If you would like to showcase your art email for more information.