Become an Intern

The central mission of the Cross-Cultural Center is to create a space of dialogue where individuals learn about themselves as well as others in a supportive environment. Within this context it is a central goal of the CCC Interns to program, provide services, and plan events for and about members of historically under-represented groups. Interns play a critical role in the development and operation of the CCC.

Interns learn job-related skills and the importance of teamwork, communication, and personality/working styles. They keep us on top of student passions, concerns, and issues. They teach us about the ethnic, sexual orientation, class, age, gender, religious, ability, generational, and identity dimensions concerning student development experiences. 

The love, passion, and dedication that interns contribute to the Cross make it the ground-breaking place that it is. Every year different interns come with their own special set of interests and skills. By sharing it with the CCC, they are shaping what we are and imagining the possibilities of what we can be.

Intern Roles

Although interns are hired with a specific job function, much of the work they do expands the boundaries of what is listed in the job description. Because collaboration is a core value of the Cross, interns are expected to collaborate with one another on projects, programs and to make the center run smoothly. *Please note that the internship positions are currently only offered to full-time UC San Diego undergraduate students.


Internship Info 

Cross-Cultural Center UCSD Undergraduate intern positions:

To learn more about our internship program, visit an info session, or please contact