Become an Affiliate

The Affiliate Program is designed to develop collaborative and long-lasting relationships with student organizations who share our mission and philosophy. We aim to connect with our affiliates and to provide them with resources around their social justice efforts.

Some benefits of affiliating include priority room reservations, advertising through CCC media, training from our Social Justice Educators, individual support from staff, and connections to event planning and funding resources.

How to Become an Affiliate

  1. You must be a registered student organization with CSI. 
  2. Your organization’s mission, philosophy, and work must align with the CCC’s PLACES Philosophy. 
  3. Complete Affiliate Application 
  4. Meet with Affiliate Program Coordinator 
  5. Complete Pre-Affiliate process for up to two years 
  6. Continue to meet Affiliate expectations throughout your status as an Affiliate 

If you feel that you can meet these steps, please email for an Affiliate application. Our staff will meet with you to go over your application and determine how the Cross-Cultural Center can support your organization.

Affiliate Requirements

  1. An org representative will need to meet with 
    1. The CCC Affiliate and Leadership Intern each year 
    2. The Affiliate Program Coordinator each quarter 
  2. Send 1-2 org representatives to ALL Affiliate mixers and events including Block Party and Involvement Fair 
  3. Communicate with your org’s CCC Staff representative about any support needed throughout each quarter
  4. Send an updated board roster to the Affiliate Program Coordinator at the beginning of each year or when board membership changes
  5. Re-sign affiliate application each year 
  6. Co-program up to 3 events with CCC each year 
  7. Follow all room reservation requirements and CCC policies for any room requests

Benefits of Affiliation

There are numerous benefits to aligning your group as an official CCC Affiliate. Non-user Affiliates and Pre-Affiliates are able to schedule diversity and staff development training with the CCC professional staff and Social Justice Educators, have priority advertising space in the CCC eNews, and bulletin boards. In addition, Official Affiliates have the following benefits:

Student Organizations

  • Priority late-night and weekend facility usage
  • Priority room reservations
  • Ability to reserve up to two series of meetings and up to five special events for the entire academic year
  • Small seed funding for organization infrastructure (supplies, etc.)