About Us

The Cross-Cultural Center is committed to supporting the needs of UCSD’s campus communities by creating a welcoming and holistic learning environment for everyone. Our vision at the Cross-Cultural Center is to empower UCSD to recognize, challenge, and take proactive approaches to diversity for campus as a whole. As part of the UC San Diego Campus Community Centers, we value differences and building relationships at all levels of the university and experience community and diversity through a broad lens.

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Our Vision

To empower UCSD to recognize, challenge, and take proactive approaches to diversity for the campus and the San Diego community.

Our Mission

The UCSD Cross-Cultural Center is dedicated to supporting the needs of UCSD’s diverse student, staff and faculty communities. Our mission is to create a learning environment in which the entire campus community feels welcome. Within this charge, and in collaboration with existing campus programs, the Cross-Cultural Center's priority is to:

  • Facilitate the academic, professional and personal development of students, staff and faculty who are members of historically under-represented groups.
  • Provide programs and services to foster discussions on issues related to the creation of a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university.

Our Objectives

We strive for cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of all our diverse histories and experiences. We promote:

  • Meaningful dialogues across ethnic and cultural lines while providing support for single group interest.
  • Access to higher education and other retention efforts which encourage the success, and educational and professional development of all individuals, particularly those from underrepresented groups.
  • Cross-Cultural programs to the larger San Diego community which enhance the community involvement and academic mission of UCSD students, staff and faculty through programming, symposia, internships and skills development activities.
  • Guidance, training, and support to other campus units towards the accomplishment of a vision of equity, equality and diversity.

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