Trainings & Workshops

The Cross-Cultural Center (CCC) Social Justice Educators (SJEs) are student interns that help facilitate trainings, dialogues, and workshops for UCSD students, staff, faculty and the overall San Diego community. The SJEs and Cross-Cultural Center professional staff are available to assist groups and organizations with facilitated dialogues on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, social justice, diversity, communication, teamwork and leadership development. We are available for student and campus organizations, K-12 and other community group presentations and dialogues. Examples of the types of workshops the CCC offers is listed below. We also encourage you to brainstorm with us to design a program that would best fit the needs of your organization.

Communication Styles

This workshop helps folks understand their own particular working and communication style to reflect on how this impacts the way one engages others in a group setting. Learning and understanding one’s own communication and working style is a good way to process and understand oneself, as well as others, in order to create effective means for folks with different learning styles can work together in a supportive manner.

Connect the Dots

Everyday, we interact with a variety of folks with different identities and stories different than our own. How you understand a particular identity, may not be how others comprehend it. Therefore, this workshop asks folks to process and recognize how their identities intersect and influence one another. This workshop provides folks with the opportunity to recognize one another’s differences and connections to aid on our growth and comprehension of various perspectives and experiences.

Privilege Walk

This workshop is designed to help folks process the inequalities and privileges in our communities and identities. Everyone stands side-by-side, representing a ‘same/equal starting point” narrative. Through a series of questions, participants will be asked to think about their experiences and be prompted to “step forward” or “step back”, thus challenging the narrative to help folks recognize privileges they may not have realized. This workshop will challenge folks to process and understand their position within notions of privilege and oppression.


Through a series of scenarios, participants are asked to think critically about how they would approach a particular situation. This workshop will challenge participants to process out a means of approach as well as think consciously about how these scenarios impact the communities involved.

Being an Ally

What does it mean to be an ally? Allyship looks very different for various communities. This workshop will ask participants to explore questions like, “What do you expect of allies to your identities and communities?” as well as, “How do you see yourself being an Ally to others?”. This workshop will help folks understand their expectations of others, as well as themselves, in relation to Allyship.

Have You Ever Wondered?

Are there questions you have on your mind revolving around social justice, UCSD, or a general topic? This workshop will allow participants to ask anonymous questions about a particular subject and together as a group, folks will attempt to explore these questions more in depth to get different perspectives and frameworks to approach each question.

Let’s Party!

Through this activity, we will explore the use of stereotypes. Are they necessarily good or bad? This activity will ask participants to explore how stereotypes impact folks, not just on the personal, but also on the societal level. This workshop will also ask folks to be more critically conscious of how their own actions, how they have perpetuated the use of stereotypes and process how they can change this.

Films and Discussions

Using films to explore social justice issues is an excellent way to create dialogue and learning. We can help facilitate this process for your group.

Create Your Own!

If you have ideas and/or topics you want to discuss, but do not know how to go about facilitating it, contact us! The Cross-Cultural Center highly encourages you to contact us to see how we can best serve your needs
If you would like to set up a training or workshop, please call us at 858-534-9869, or e-mail Nancy Magpusao at