Become an Affiliate

The Affiliate Program is designed to develop more collaborative and long-lasting relationships with groups, departments, and organizations who share our mission and philosophy. We aim to connect with our affiliates and to provide them with resources around their social justice efforts.

Some benefits of affiliating include priority room reservations, advertising through CCC media, and trainings from our Diversity Peer Educators.

Levels of Affiliation

Being an affiliate of the Cross-Cultural Center may be decided at three levels based on the group's historical and current relationship with the Cross-Cultural Center. The levels of affiliation are outlined below.

  • Non-user Affiliates: Non-user affiliate groups do not meet in the Center, but do co-program and work with the Cross. These events must reflect the vision, mission, and programming philosophy (PLACES) of the CCC.
  • Pre-Affiliates: Pre-affiliates currently meet at the CCC on a regular basis, but do not have a historical relationship with CCC. Those who continue to meet at the CCC will gain affiliate status after three years.
  • Official Affiliates: Affiliates are departments and organizations who have a historical relationship with the CCC and currently meet at the CCC regularly. These groups have been meeting at the CCC for at least three years and currently meet at the CCC at least five times every quarter.

Benefits of Affiliation

There are numerous benefits to aligning your group as an official CCC Affiliate. Non-user Affiliates and Pre-Affiliates are able to schedule diversity and staff development trainings with the CCC professional staff and Social Justice Educators, have priority advertising space in the CCC newsletter, eNews, and bulletin boards over non-affiliates. In addition, Official Affiliates have the following benefits:

Student Organizations

  • Priority late-night and weekend facility usage
  • Priority room reservations
  • Ability to reserve up to two series of meetings and up to five special events for the entire academic year


  • Cross-Cultural Center co-sponsorships for up to $250
  • Ability to reserve the Tranquility room on a weekly basis for meetings and office hours
  • Ability to utilize the ArtSpace or Conference room up to three days a week for classes

Department & Staff Association

  • CCC staff assistance with event/program planning
  • Specialized diversity and/or team building workshops, provided by CCC staff, to your group
  • Ability to reserve the Tranquility room on a weekly basis for meetings and office hours
  • CCC will highlight department’s/association’s events in our weekly eNewsletter

Affiliates Expectations and Responsibilities

Affiliates receive a great deal of support from the Cross-Cultural Center. By fulfilling your responsibilities as an affiliate, you are demonstrating your support of the work of the Cross. We work to support one another in our efforts to demonstrate positive, collaborative relationships and to further a feeling of empowerment for all people at UCSD.

Student Organizations

  • Send representatives to ALL Affiliate meetings/mixers
  • Send representatives to the Winter Leadership Retreat
  • Meet with one CCC full-time staff once a year
  • Co-program one event with the CCC each year
  • Follow ALL facility usage policies
  • Re-sign an Affiliate agreement each academic year


  • Allow students the option of obtaining extra credit for attending a CCC sponsored program
  • Attend at least one CCC meeting or luncheon a year
  • Give a public lecture/hold a class at the CCC at least once every year
  • Allow a CCC staff member to speak to your class at least once a year

Department & Staff Association

  • Hold a program, office hours, or class at the CCC at least three times a year (or once a quarter)
  • Collaborate with the CCC on a program or event at least once a year
  • Advertise CCC programs through list serves; help to get students signed up for the CCC eNewsletter
  • Attend at least one CCC meeting or luncheon every year

Steps to becoming an Affiliate

Any student, staff or faculty organization that is in alignment with the Cross-Cultural Center's P.L.A.C.E.S. Philosophy is welcome to take action to become an Affiliate. Being an Affiliate is essentially making a commitment to building community with the CCC. We look forward to developing a deeper relationship with your organization! Simply complete the below steps:

  • Step 1: Pick up an affiliate application form at the CCC and turn it in to CCC staff for review
  • Step 2: Meet with a CCC full-time staff member
  • Step 3: Once eligible, complete a trial period of two quarters
  • Step 4: Receive an acceptance Letter

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